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Senior Engineer–Piping Petrofac Limited

Posted by Antony Thomas at Sunday, October 30, 2016

Senior Engineer–Piping Petrofac Limited

Job Description

1. Scope of Responsibilities
Lead and operate as a part of a team of engineers and designers in carrying out detailed engineering work; assume responsibility for conceptual and detailed design (Concept, Front End or Basic, Material, Stress Analysis, Layout Engineering, Coordination of 3D modelling) and provide necessary technical information for procurement in compliance with tender specifications/data sheets and work within budgeted man-hours and project schedules.
Although not directly involved for issuing deliverables in optimum work share environment, job expectation is to work in collaboration with VEC to have full control on project in terms of integrity, schedule and budget keeping close monitor on VEC productivity.
2. Primary Duties
• Review contract documents and identify requirements and scope of work for project execution. Review specifications, drawings and other documents as per project work share agreement with VEC. Establish contract review criteria, identify and resolve discrepancies and divergences from original proposal through the instigation of technical queries to Projects/Client.
• Identify critical engineering parameters and establish deliverables e.g. specifications, datasheets, layout drawings, stress analysis, isometrics, bill of materials and other applicable deliverables.
• Monitor and control project man-hour requirements during project execution, identify variations between contract and proposal. Take corrective action as necessary. Create manpower charts for task assignments, establish target completion dates and ensure target dates are achieved. Maintain project schedules and ensure allotted man-hours, deadlines and cost requirements are strictly adhered to. Recommend cost effective measures to reduce overall costs.
• Monitor productivity of engineers and quality of work produced.
• Main focus is to work in collaboration with VEC to maintain a stronghold of the project goals (Ensuring integrity & safety of the design, meeting quality as per contractual intent, meeting schedule, optimizing procurement & construction cost and maintaining high productivity) when executed by VEC as per optimum work share environment.
• Implementation of applicable Lesson Learnt throughout the project cycle.
• Successful implementation of agreed Value Engineering points.
• To drive right behaviour in VEC team to ensure all round performance and delivery.
• Work collectively with VEC to promote fit for purpose design philosophy.
• Exhibit strong leadership and soft skills to excel in work share environment.
• Greater flexibility in mobility.
• Work clearly as per the interface between Head Office & VEC adhering to SLA.
• Control, coordinate change using change control procedure.
• Escalate serious risk to senior management & always have a fall back plan that allows time to react.
• Operate & facilitate VEC team to promote "First Time Right" policy.
• To focus on piping bulk delivery and piping prefabrication activity.
• To focus along with VEC on design development to meet or beat the proposal estimation.
• Focus on engineering support for Piping deliverables, requirements of Painting, Coating & Fireproofing.
• Identify & expedite vendor documents that will impact project schedule.
• Engage Construction, Commissioning & Operation teams for their inputs & reviews early on projects.
• Review Model at own desk regularly & ensure proper Model Review preparation w.r.t. Model Review preparation control sheet & checklist prepared by VEC.
• Closely monitor all MCMS module rollout on Projects & implementation of all Design Optimization initiatives on the Project.
• Facilitate prompt response to Site query.
• To focus on piping bulk delivery and piping prefabrication activity.
• Ensure proper data input to Suppliers in right time.
• Apportion work among engineering staff according to the capabilities. Supervise the work and ensure that the documents are updated regularly as needed. Resolve design irregularities.
• Coordinate on technical issues with other Engineering Disciplines as required. Provide the necessary inputs/data to other disciplines as per the requirements and procedures.
• Supervise the preparation of conceptual/study layouts and designs and provide necessary inputs for modelling and drafting.
• Obtain the required inputs from other engineering disciplines e.g. mechanical data sheets, foundation and structure details, instrument specifications and other necessary data.
• Provide guidance for performing calculations for pipe wall thickness, reinforcement pads and others as per the relevant piping codes and standards.
• Supervise the stress analysis of piping systems through the use of Caesar II software and preparation of stress analysis reports, incorporating contract specifications and international codes. Resolve design irregularities. Monitor the transfer of piping loads to Civil Discipline, coordinate on technical issues as required.
• Monitor the preparation and issue of engineering drawings and technical documents for Inter-disciplinary Design Checks (IDC's). Review and integrate comments and inputs of other engineering discipline into the relevant documents.
• Supervise the preparation and issue of Inquiry Requisitions to vendors. Participate in technical bid evaluations. Review vendor drawings, documents and design calculations. Ensure vendor equipment specifications meet with client equipment specifications and within budgeted costs.
• Coordinate Material Take-off (MTO) activities, identify irregularities, discrepancies and shortfalls and take corrective action as required.
• Oversee the set-up of the Material Management system (VPRM) incorporating the project specifications. Coordinate and incorporate the MTO from the 3D model. Update and maintain the system to incorporate the latest material requirements.
• Administer the preparation and issue of Purchase Requisitions for the procurement of equipment and materials. Coordinate with Procurement and provide necessary assistance to Expediting and Quality Departments.
• Meet with vendor representatives, inspect vendor works and workshops and provide assistance to Quality Department as required.
• Interface with Client representatives as required for resolving any technical issues.
• Conduct internal staff meetings, ensure the progress of project in accordance to schedule, allotted man-hours and budgeted costs. Coordinate with Projects and Planning Departments on schedule related issues. Update Technical Document Register (TDR) progress reports through the use of PETROCEPT software.
• Participate in safety and design review meetings e.g. HAZOP, HAZID, Plot Plan, 3D Model, along with Client and representatives of other engineering disciplines


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