Piping & Layout Engineer (PLER) –SAIPEM NIGERIA

Posted by Antony Thomas at Tuesday, September 16, 2014
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Office Port Harcourt - Nigeria

Further information:


Port Harcourt & Remote Site


Piping & Layout Engineer (PLER) –SAIPEM NIGERIA

Description of position:

Ensures Piping & Layout engineering support to different projects. Analyzes the technical documents (specifications, calculation notes, drawings, etc.) in order to assess the scope of the studies required and the potential risks. Estimate quantities or validates estimation done by other specialist of the team. Check all produced documents (internal or subcontracted) like design reports, technical specifications, drawings etc Document the Piping and Layout methodologies / specific design guidelines. Provide technical support to Procurement, Subcontracting and Construction activities included in the scope of work. Supervises the writing of specifications and requisitions as well as technical bid evaluations.