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Customizing AutoCADPlant 3D Isometrics

Posted by Antony Thomas at Wednesday, February 08, 2012

I have found the a great source of information about the  AutoCAD Plant 3D software customization.

The speaker tells about:

Understand the Different Customization Options in AutoCAD Plant 3D

Create and Customize a New Isometric Style

Add a Custom Title Block

Modify Isometric Symbols

In this link, you will learn how to customize the isometrics produced by AutoCAD Plant 3D so that they will meet your CAD and engineering standards as well as the standards of your client. This class will walk you through all the steps that are necessary to perform this task and give guidance based on practical experience for best practices for piping isometrics.

AutoCAD Plant 3D Isometrics

Custom Components in AutoCAD Plant 3D

One fundamental process that all AutoCAD-based plant design systems have to answer is “how do you create custom components.”  Today we are going to walk through the process of creating an pressure indicator for AutoCAD Plant 3D.

Because pressure indicators aren’t really a pipe fitting or valve, they are usually one of the most often created specialty types of components.

Here’s an outline of the steps we are going to follow to create our custom component.

1. Create a drawing that has the solids we want to turn into a component.

2. Block the items we want.

3. Add port information using the PLANTPARTCONVERT command.

4. Add our component to a catalog.

5. Add our component to a spec.

Custom Components in AutoCAD Plant 3D


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