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What is the major difference between PDS course & PDMS course regarding Pipe Designing?

Posted by Antony Thomas at Tuesday, November 15, 2011

What is the major difference between PDS course & PDMS course regarding Pipe Designing?

PDS :-Plant Design System

PDMS :- Plant Design Management System


There are major differences between PDMS and PDS.


First of all the database structure is totally different. PDS is a lot less user friendly, much more labor intensive than PDMS


But you're asking about Piping Design specifically.


Visually PDMS is way better. You can rotate through a rendered model while designing.

In PDS you mainly see lines. and top views north view etc. rotating is possible, but you'll get lost and if the model is crowded you better dont cuz the view will take ages to refresh.

In PDS you'll get lost when working in crowded areas, and need smart plant review to see what you've actually done.PDS clash check is a disaster.

in PDMS you immediately see what you do, you can rotate around your work to see if it's done right without clashing, clash checking utility is way more user friendly.


in PDMS you can customize everything.

also your own commands in form and buttons.


in PDS you are bound to buttons provided by Intergraph



Again PDS is much more labor intensive. If you need to reroute/modify a line in PDS deleting and starting over would be the fastest way. In PDMS you can move/rotate each component to what ever direction you want, and you're not bound to that ridiculous segment line.



I could go on for ages to name points in which PDMS is proffered over PDS.


Last but not least, PDS is dying; Intergraph is not supporting it any more.


If you have to make a decision which system to use, I recommend PDMS by far.


And most probably everyone who knows both prefers PDMS by far. I talk from my own experience and opinions of a lot of people I met in the business.

(Except the ones owning Intergraph stocks... poor critters)


Have a look at\pdms


Ref: Yahoo/answers

PDS as you know uses Oracle so it has a very powerful database, the major difference between them is about PDS is american and PDMS is a british software so to be honest, it is matter of your client and environment which will tell you which software you should use, if they are using PDS you'd better use PDS, none of them are Autocad base, Autoplant from former Rebis and Cadpipe from COADE are cad base but PDMS and PDS are not cad base and you know PDS needs microstation. 


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