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Posted by Antony Thomas at Sunday, March 07, 2010

• define piping layout directly in the

built-in, Windows-native spreadsheet

• draw the piping system using

built-in modeling tools

• open a CAD universal file and

then modify the geometry

• open files from other piping

software packages

• displays deflected shapes,

forces and moments, mode

shapes, support reactions and

stress contours including code

stress, principal stress, longitudinal

stress and hoop stress

• displays deflection and modal

analysis result animations

• built-in checking of all results for

ASME and ANSI code compliance

Analysis Capabilities
• Linear static stress analysis
• Natural frequency (modal)
• Response spectrum (single and multiple)
• Frequency response
• Time history
• Supports industry-standard piping codes
including revisions through:
- ASME B31.1-2001 Power Piping
- ASME B31.3b-2002 Process Piping
- ASME B31.4a-2002 Pipeline
Transportation Systems for Liquid
Hydrocarbons and Other Liquids
- ASME B31.8a-2000 Gas Transmission
and Distribution Piping Systems
- ASME Section III Division 1 - Subsection
NC Class 2 Components (2002)
- ASME Section III Division 1 - Subsection
ND Class 3 Components (2002)
- British Standard BS 806 (1993)
- European Standard EN 13480-3:2002
• "In-line" analysis of flanges, reducers and
rotating equipment
• Built-in nozzle flexibility calculations




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