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Principal Piping Engineer (Lead) - Jacobs

Posted by Antony Thomas at Friday, February 27, 2015

Job Title:  Principal Piping Engineer (Lead)

Location: ALK,SA

Primary Job Responsibilities


Brief Description of Job: Responsible for getting the timely preparation, review, and delivery of all required design and engineering deliverables. Discipline lead assigns originators for deliverables from the design project team and ensure that all project staff providing engineering support use the established formats for engineering deliverables.

Training and Experience

Main Duties and Responsibilities: Deliverables • Develop a deliverable verification plan (DVP). • Issue approved DVP to the project manager at project initiation, revise, or supplement as appropriate. • Strive to reduce or eliminate the safety hazards in the design by simplifying the design for fewer opportunities of failure. • Participates in and supports all design safety and practicality reviews appropriate to his discipline. • Promotes the use of the checklist specific to his discipline to ensure accuracy of design. • Organize interdisciplinary squad check documents. • Sign off vendor and engineering documentations as required. • Prepare and forward discipline project files for archiving. Provide package of documents to the document manager lead for logging, routing and/or distribution. • Plan/schedule reviews in accordance with the line of business work process map.

Other Essential Functions

• At completion of all verification activities on the project complete the DVP. • Prior to issue, verify that all engineering deliverables are checked and approved in accordance with the deliverable verification plan. • Assign checkers for project deliverables. • Ensure that checkers use the correct checklists, latest deliverable issue, and project references. • Ensure adequately mark “check prints” to indicate correct work, corrections and notes. • Resolve comment disagreements between checkers and originators. • Review/approve the discipline content of the deliverables. • Ensure that all prepared deliverables from their group are intradescipline, internally, checked to extent possible before being issued for interdisciplin review. • Ensure that all comments received from the interdisciplin review are adequately evaluated and if validated are included and if not discussed to resolution with the commenter and as necessary with PE or PM. • Ensure all comments for other’s squad checks are signed and dated. • Ensure preparation of as-built for deliverables from red-line drawings, as received and required. • Has as-built deliverables checked as appropriate and reviewed by interfacing disciplines to verify the red-line does not cause interference or compromise the design. • Issues as-built or record drawings in the format established for engineering deliverables and project procedures. • Archive project specific records, computations, and notes not required as part of the central project file in accordance with discipline records retention requirements. • Complete DVP approval columns as appropriate, and verify that other approvers (department manager, client, department manager) have also completed their activity. • Approve specifications for their department, including project-specific specifications. • Ensure all deliverables prepared by personnel assigned to projects receive the appropriate level of checking, verification, and approval as defined in department checking procedures and the project design verification plan. Requisitions • Ensure the specification is prepared in compliance with all industry and regulatory codes and standards. • Ensure the specification is in compliance with all client specifications and standards. • Initiate a deviation approval document with the project engineer and ensuring it has been approved before continuing with a client specification that does not conform to industry standards. • Ensure all specifications are appropriately checked, verified, and approved. • Ensure all contents of the specification do not conflict with other requirements contained in project documents. • Ensure preparation of requisition using standard requisition forms applicable to the discipline. • Initiate any multi-discipline squad checking required before final approval. • Ensure that each requisition is properly checked for accuracy and completeness. • Maintain a requisition log specific to their discipline as a means of monitoring and controlling requisition issues. • Communicates training requirements within the discipline to the project technology coordinator.

EDUCATION & EXPERIENCE Education : A degree in Engineering (Mechanical) Experience : 15 to 20 years in Piping Department, preferably with a Consultant in oil & gas, petrochemical industry.




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