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Piping Stress Analyst’s Job Responsibilities:

Posted by Antony Thomas at Monday, December 02, 2013

Piping Stress Analyst’s Job Responsibilities:

Piping stress engineer’s responsibilities are enumerated here.

ü  Ensure that applicable codes, standards, and procedures are followed.
ü  Ensure that forces and moments imposed on machinery and vessels by the attached piping are within allowable.
ü  Ensure that stresses in the piping system are within allowable.
ü  Ensure that piping is well supported.
ü  Control deflection of piping systems due to the effect of thermal expansion, gravity, pressure, and occasional loads such as wind, Seismic, PSV discharge, slug force.
ü  Design special supports and restraints.
ü  Identify critical systems and possible problem areas.
ü  Advise Piping Design of optimal equipment location to minimize redesign efforts.
ü  Transmit piping imposed loads to the appropriate Engineering discipline.
ü  Develop data sheets for spring hangers, expansion joints, snubbers, and other stress related components and issue requisitions to purchase items.

ü  Maintain and document all stress calculations and submit to client at the end of job.

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