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Pipe Support Standard Terminology

Posted by Antony Thomas at Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pipe Support Standard Terminology

Support Name



A rigid device used to
prevent essentially all pipe rotation and displacement at the point of application.

Anchor bolt

A bolt which is embedded in
concrete and is used to attach to concrete structure.

Alloy pipe clamp

A pipe clamp made from low
chrome-moly (less than 5% chrome) material for the purpose of resisting the
effects of piping temperature in the 750 o F to 1100 o F range (399o C to 593o C)

Band Hanger

A pipe attachment providing
for vertical adjustment, consisting principally of a formed strap.

Beam Clamp

A clamping device used to
connect the reminder of a pipe hanger assembly to a structural beam, without
requiring welding .

Brace Assembly

An assembly made of pipe
support components designed to restrain a piping system from horizontal


Cantilevered member, with or
without a kneebrace, designed to withstand a gravity load and/or horizontal


A structure member supported and fixed at only one end.

Cold shoe

A pipe shoe with an integral
insulation insert which has been designed for cold temperature piping system

Cold Spring

The act of pre-stressing a
piping system during installation in order that the equipment reactions will

be lower in the operating condition.

Constant Support Hanger

A mechanical and spring coil
device which produces a relatively constant supporting effect, while
permitting vertical pipe movement.

Dummy support

Piping supports which are
often made from sections of pipe to provide support. The term “Dummy” indicates that there is no flow in the pipe section.


A device used to permit pipe
movement in a predetermined direction while restraining movement in other directions.

Pipe Clamp

A bolted pipe attachment
which clamp around the pipe to connect the pipe to the remainder of a pipe
hanger assembly.

Pipe Clip

A pipe attachment used to
hold the pipe directly to a structure, also referred to as a strap or pipe strap

Pipe Hanger

A device which is suspended
from a structure and used to carry the piping load in tension.

Pipe rack

A structure frame that is
used to support piping systems.

Pipe Saddle Supports

A stanchion utilizing a
curved section for cradling the pipe.

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