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Lead/Senior Piping Designer (PDMS):KL

Posted by Antony Thomas at Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lead/Senior Piping Designer (PDMS)

Job Title:

Lead/Senior Piping Designer (PDMS)

Job Type:


Open Date

20 July 2011

Advertising Category

Engineering/Design & Sciences

Career Level



MY - KL Kuala Lumpur, KL, MY

Job Description

Primary Objective

  • Lead all plant layout and piping design activities for Lead Position.
  • Responsible for performing plant layout and piping design activities using project approved “in house” with PDMS ,3D CAD modelling and 2D drafting systems.

Specific Accountabilities

  • Lead the various discipline deliverables to the agreed schedule (for Lead Position)
  • Produce the various discipline deliverables to the agreed schedule 
  • Apply recognised offshore engineering practices applicable to piping design and topside/plant layout.
  • Apply good interpersonal skills, liaising with members of other disciplines and departments.
  • Apply an awareness and willingness to work as a team member
  • Quality Assurance – work within the provisions and guidelines of the Quality Assurance systems.
  • Safety – Responsible for personal safety and working within the Occupational Health & Safety procedures.

Job Requirements

Essential Skills/Experience

  • Diploma of engineering or equivalent
  • Fully conversant with PDMS
  • Familiar with the prime drivers related to offshore topsides layout design
  • Minimum 10 years proven experience of detailed piping design gained with design contractors and/or oil/gas companies within the petrochemical industry particularly with respect to offshore oil and gas installations.
  • A thorough knowledge of the codes and standards and a good understanding of offshore engineering practices applicable to topsides piping design for oil and gas facilities.
  • A member of a piping design team on at least two major Greenfield projects offshore with a recognised company within the Oil & Gas Industry
  • A minimum of 5 years experience as a user of the PDMS 3D CAD modelling and 2D drafting system applicable to piping layout and design.
  • A committed team player able to work on own initiative with the minimum of supervision
  • Exposure to fabrication, construction and installation activities although detailed involvement is not essential.

Matching Indicators

Minimum 15 years proven experience of detailed piping design gained with design contractors and/or oil/gas companies within the petrochemical industry particularly with respect to offshore oil and gas installations


Piping Layout: The Engineering & Art

Posted by Antony Thomas at Monday, July 25, 2011

B.P. Nansi

Piping is an asset for any project. The plant will be as good as the piping layout. Good piping will increase efficiency and bad piping will reduce efficiency. But there is more important effect of bad piping. It can even cause an accident. The plant piping can make or break a plant.
Piping layout is engineering and art. It should ease the operations, help the production and should be pleasant aesthetically. A beautiful piping layout is a plus point to the managers, workers, maintenance crew and the visitors.
The principle for layout design is: plant integrity, operation, maintenance and lifecycle cost. Here are some points for design engineers, project engineers, project managers, piping fabricators and contractors:
n Take input from engineering departments, operations and maintenance personnel
n Follow codes, standards and recommended practices
n Plan the equipment layout for (1) operability, (2) maintenance and also (3) for piping
n All relief pipes, especially steam relief pipe, must release at a distance and at a height, at a safe point. A sudden release of steam can hurt an unaware worker
n Expansion bends, loops and expansion joints will keep pipe stress low. Use them for long run piping
n Stress analysis of all piping systems is a good investment. Stress analysis will bring out proper layout and that will decrease the original cost, save pumping energy and will reduce the maintenance/replacement of pipe
n Location of supports, guides, and anchors is a vital point. Involve your civil engineer at the beginning to give you support structures
n Low points drains and high points vent is an intelligent practice
n Keep all valves accessible for operation
n Keep all gauges, recorders, thermometers etc at the level for easy reading and attending
Pipe openings
Many pipes; viz water supply, raw fluids, fuel gas etc enter a process building and many pipes viz. final product, condensate, cooling water etc leave the process building. Often the entry-exit is through walls. This needs well-defined and well-planned pipe openings. The building is constructed much before the piping contractor comes in. Often, either the pipe openings are not planned or planned bad or forgotten or, later, the piping layout changes. When that happens, take that there is a site crisis.
When piping contractor starts erecting, he finds that there is no opening. Walls are broken. This has happened many times at many places and will happen again. It is one of the commendable points to avoid such situation. Be vigilant.
This is another big challenge. Interference of a pipe with another pipe or with equipment or with a structure etc is a common scene in many piping layouts. That is because either the piping engineer has 'goofed' or the 'other' things have changed after the piping layout was done. Be careful. A serious issue happens when a pipe, as designed, is going through a beam or a column. This is an embarrassing situation.
What happens is that you can break a wall, but you just can not touch a beam or column. Invariably the piping is changed. That brings in factors of pressure loss, stress analysis and aesthetics. That is why the piping engineer has to be vigilant.
Pump piping
This is a challenge. All centrifugal pumps have NPSH requirements. That has to be given for efficient and safe operation of the pump. The piping layout has to be right. Even after careful evaluation and selection, a centrifugal pump may not operate as expected.
Pipe color codes & ID
When you paint the pipes, follow a color code. Indian Standard defines which colour tells what fluid. For insulated pipes, give colour-coded bends. Then label all pipes to tell what service is inside. Also paint-write line ID numbers on the pipes.
A right piping layout will be cost effective, because it saves money at installation, but saves energy in pumping service. Ensure your project has the right layout

Taken From:

GRE Piping Design and Installation Guide

Posted by Antony Thomas at Saturday, July 23, 2011

Download GRE Piping Design and Installation Guide from Future Pipe.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction 5
1.2. Systems 5
1.3. Series identification 5
2. Handling of R.T.R.P. material: Transport and storage 6
2.1. Loading 6
2.2. Unloading 7
2.3. Storage of material 8
3. Jointing and preparation methods of Wavistrong 10
3.1. Cutting 10
4. Adhesive bonded joints 11
4.1. Tools for adhesive bonded joints 11
4.2. Machining 11
4.3. Bonding of the joint 12
4.4. Installation time for adhesive bonded joints 14
4.5. Allowable bending radius 14
5. Integral Rubber seal joint (RSJ) and Rubber Seal Lock Joint (RSLJ) 15
5.1. Tools for rubber seal joints 15
5.2. Rubber Seal Joint 15
5.2.1. Rubber Seal Joint (RSJ) with pipe stop 15
5.2.2. Rubber Seal Joint (RSJ) without pipe stop 16
5.2.3. Rubber Seal Lock Joint (RSL J) with pipe stop 18
5.2.4. Rubber Seal Lock Joint (RSL J) without pipe stop 19
5.3. Dimensions of rubber ring and locking strip 21
5.4. Installation time for rubber seal joints 23
5.5. Disassembly of rubber seal joints 24
6. Flanged joints 25
6.1. Tools for flanged joints 25
6.2. Flanged joints 25
6.3. Gaskets and maximum torques 27
6.3.1. Torques for assembly of rubber gaskets with steel insert 27
6.3.2. Torques for assembly of rubber gaskets with supporting ring 28
6.4. Assembly and disassembly of flanged equipment 28
6.5. Determination of the bolt lengths 29
7. Butt and wrap joints 30
7.1. Tools for butt and wrap joints 30
7.2. Cutting and shaving 30
7.3. Mixing 30
7.4. Fit layer 30
7.5. Laminating 31
7.6. Curing 31
8. Mechanical couplers 32
8.1. Tools for mechanical couplers 32
8.2. Mechanical couplers

9. Installation of underground systems 33
9.1. The trench construction 34
9.2. Pipe assembly 36
9.3. Backfilling 38
9.3.1. Other methods of backfilling 39
9.3.2. Pipe systems to be cast in concrete 39
9.4. Subsidence 40
9.5. Relief plates 41
9.6. Installation of underwater mains 42
9.7. Hydrant connections 44
10. Installation of above ground pipe systems 45
10.1. Supports 45
10.1 .1. Protection of the pipe 45
10.1.2. Extra supports 45
10.2. Fixed supports 46
10.3. Pipe clips 48
10.4. Valves 51
10.5. Bellows 53
10.6. Connection to other materials 54
10.7. Algae growth 55
10.8. U.V. resistance 56
10.9. Electrically conductive pipe 56
10.10. Wall penetration and connection to or through walls 57
11. Field test procedure 60
11.1. Filling, saturation and testing 60
11.2. Causes of pressure drop 61
12. Safety precautions

Download GRE Piping Installation

Download API-650 Code PDF-Welded Steel Tanks

Posted by Antony Thomas at

American Petroleum Institute Code for Welded Steel Tanks for Oil Storage PDF download.




The code is openly available in the Internet the download link is here.


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The link directs to external website. Piping-Info does not host any copyright materials. If there is any copyright infringement problem, then please contact the concerned website who is hosting the copyright material.


Posted by Antony Thomas at Friday, July 15, 2011

PDMS Piping Designer
  • Check spool drawings.
  • Extract Weld Report (Dia Inch Calculations)
  • Extracting MTO report for QMS after each ISO drawings submission.
  • Extracting weight and COG reports.
  • Routing of additional lines during follow-on engineering.
  • Equipment modelling and Pipe routing using PDMS 3D engineering software and MDS.
  • Clash check of 3D model.
  • Output Design Isometrics using PDMS isodraft module.
  • Mark up piping shop isometrics for As Built submission
  • Maintain master isometric register for the drawings issued and generate weekly progress report.
  • Make sketches for estimation of MTO from equipment layout for bidding jobs.
  • Take turn to be QMS lead
  • Training and orientation of new entries - draughtsmen and junior designers


  • Minimum 10-14 years knowledge of Autocad drafting / 3D software background and material management in Oil and Gas industry.
  • Minimum Technical Certificate in drafting on pipe related profession / Technical Background
  • Proficient with AutoCad
  • 3D Design software, including PDMS / PDS, specifically in spooler or spoolgen modules respectively.
  • Able to start work immediately

Email resume

By post to:
The Human Resource Manager
SMOE Pte Ltd
60 Admiralty Road West
Singapore 759947


Posted by Antony Thomas at Monday, July 04, 2011

Dear All,

We have an urgent requirements of the following professional for our ongoing project in Oman

Position : Piping Designer

Work Location : Oman

Hire Type : Contract Hire ( 1 - 2 Months)

Candidate Profile

  • ITI Draughtsman / Diploma Engineering
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience with special focus on Oil & Gas Industry.
  • Must be conversant in using Microstation & AUTOCAD
  • Immediately available for joining

Interested candidates can send their profiles along with the following details

  • Current Salary
  • Expected Salary
  • Availability


Haider Ali Ansari



Air Energi- Designers & Senior Designers for Oil & Gas in Oman

Posted by Antony Thomas at Friday, July 01, 2011


Good afternoon,I am currently looking for Piping Designers, PDMS Designers and a few other (see below) to work with an EPC company in Muscat , Oman . The said c and idate should have the following:-

Piping Designers/ Mechanical Designers/ Pipeline Designers/ Electrical Designers/ Control & Automation Designers/ Civil Engineering Drawings)


Senior Designer - minimum HND or Diploma in Engineering.

Designer / Junior – minimum HND/HNC or certificate from recognized training institute in engineering. Lower level qualifications may be considered only in exceptional cases of having a good level of experience to compensate.

MUST already residing in the GCC Countries.


Senior Designer - shall have a minimum of 12 years related experience plus proven capability in an engineering design firm. Minimum of 5 years experience in design of oil & gas facilities with extensive experience in front end and detailed design, plus proven experience in AutoCAD.

Designer - minimum of 4-7 years related experience plus proven capability in an engineering design firm. Minimum of 3 years experience in design of oil & gas facilities with experience in front end and detailed design plus experience in AutoCAD. For Designer in the event of not finding suitable c and i dates, expatriates may be considered and shall have a minimum of 8 years related experience.

Junior Omani Designer - shall have a minimum of 2 years related experience in oil & gas facilities plus proven capability in an engineering design firm.

Company or Shell Group experience is preferred or equivalent.

Some level of field experience in construction & commissioning will be preferred.

Good spoken and written English and PC literate.

Senior Designer shall have good skills in management of a pool of Designers / drafts persons and also task planning to meet schedules. Hence must have good interpersonal and communication skills.

Senior Designer shall have abilities to effectively check the drawings prepared by Designers in the same discipline.

Underst and the requirements of the design quality system and meticulously ensure that these requirements are met.

Plan workload and type of work for other team members (with various qualifications) efficiently and ensure timely completion of the job.

Produce presentable and accurate drawings, including a consistency check.

Be aware of, and check, the interface between his own discipline and other disciplines at all stages of the design.

Ensure that all team members adhere strictly to Company safety regulations/standards.

Understanding and knowledge Shell Group DEP’s and International Standards.

Full understanding of “non-st and ard” Vendor documentation and its interface points with Company engineering documents.

Sound judgment: throughout the years various “standards” have been used in all the stations. Decisions are to be made based on acceptable quality for the custodian.

Actively train and encourage the development of Omani personnel to fulfill draftsperson and designer roles in the engineering team.

Implement Company, and where applicable, Client/Project policies and procedures.

Checking and preparation of design/engineering documentation.

Undertake tasks on behalf of Lead Designer or Lead Engineer as directed.

Undertake work in accordance with relevant Codes, Standards and Procedures.

Undertake surveys necessary to develop area of work assigned.

Maintain and develop current awareness of relevant engineering technology.

Maintain and develop current awareness of relevant Codes and Standards.

Liaise with other disciplines, departments, project personnel, vendors, etc.

Ensure all design drawings and documents are complete within the allocated hours and in accordance with the programme.

Preparation of detailed drawings and documents to the requirements


Pipeline Designers

Civil Structural Designers

Electrical & Power Designers

Control & Automation Designers

Senior Designers Pipeline

PDMS Administrators: Mechanical Piping

PDMS Administrators:  Electrical Design

PDMS Operators: Mechanical Piping

- PDMS Operators:Civil/Structural

- PDMS Operators: Control & Automation

- PDMS Operators:Electrical Design

Sr. PDMS Designer: Mechanical Piping

- Sr. PDMS Designer: Civil/Structural

- Sr. PDMS Designer:Control & Automation

- Sr. PDMS Designer: Electrical Design

Draught Person

Electrical Engineer- Infrastructure

Mechanical & Piping Specialist

Engineer- Civil Structural

Electrical Engineer

Material & Corrosion Specialist

Mechanical Rotating Specialist

Mechanical Engineer

Pipeline Engineer

Process Engineer

CAO & SCADA Engineer

Control & Automation Engineer

Hazop Leader

Instrumentation Engineer- Sour Services

IPF SIF Facilitator

Mechanical Engineer- Sour Services

Process Engineer- Sour Services

Project Engineer

Senior Designer Civil Structural

Senior Designer Control & Automation

Senior Designer Electrical

Senior Designer Mechanical & Piping

Senior Engineer Mechanical Piping Specialist

Senior Engineer Civil Structural

Senior Engineer Electrical

Senior Engineer- Integrity Specialist

Senior Engineer Material & Corrosion Specialist

Senior Engineer Mechanical Rotating Specialist

Senior Engineer Mechanical

Senior Engineer Pipeline

Senior Engineer Process

Senior Engineer- CAO & SCADA

Senior Engineer Control & Automation

Senior Power Station Engineer

Senior Power Systems Protection Engineer

Senior Power Systems Studies Engineer

Senior Project Engineer- Sour Services

Senior Project Engineer

Senior Substation & Oh Line Engineer

Technical Safety Engineer

If interested, please send me copies of your highest education certificates together with your passport copy ASAP. Also, if you know anyone else is interested to work in Oman , please have them send me a copy of their CV or you can pass on their contacts for me to call. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

Sue Gee Cheng
Recruitment Consultant
Air Energi
DL:  +974 4462 0886
T:    +974 443 2180
M:   +974 6689 0295

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