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Safety Valve Design Procedure guidelines

Posted by Antony Thomas at Monday, February 14, 2011

Design Procedure

General procedure in the design of protection against overpressure as below,

(i) Consideration of contingencies: all condition which will result in process equipment overpressure is considered; the resulting overpressure is evaluated and the
appropriately increased design pressure;  and each possibility should be analyzed
and the relief flow determined for the worse case.

(ii) Selection of pressure relief device: the appropriate type for pressure relief device for each item of equipment should be proper selection based on the service required.
(iii) Pressure relief device specification:  standard calculation procedures for each type of pressure relief device should be applied to determine the size of the specific
pressure relief device.

(iv) Pressure relief device installation:  installation of the pressure relief valve should be at the correct location, used the correct  size of inlet and outlet piping, and with
valves and drainage


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