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Posted by Antony Thomas at Monday, February 21, 2011

Pump suction lines shall be as short as possible, without pockets and with adequate flexibility. Piping should be self venting and self draining to the suction source where possible.
Eccentric reducers shall be used in horizontal suction lines, installed top flat.
Pump piping shall be arranged and supported such that pumps, permanent strainers, temporary strainers and pump internals can be easily dismantled or removed. Temporary strainers shall be located close to the pump nozzle. Removable spool shall be installed for  conical strainers. Permanent strainers shall be located to permit servicing without disturbing pump alignment. “Y” type and basket strainer arrangement shall permit installation and operation of a blowdown/drain valve and clearance to remove the strainer basket.
Pumps with side or double suction inlets and horizontal suction lines require a min straight length as stated below:

Type of Pump
Position of Suction Piping
Minimum Straight Length
Single suction, end suction type
Not applicable
Single suction, top-top connection
At top of pump
In same plane as pump shaft
Double suction
Perpendicular to pump shaft (preferred situation)
Any other position other than perpendicular
5D min/10D max

Suction and discharge pulsation dampeners (bottles) on positive displacement pumps, if required, should normally be installed between pump nozzles and first block valve.
Lines at reciprocating pumps shall be designed and supported such that pistons can be removed without disturbing piping.
All valves in pump piping shall be accessible without use of chain operators or extension stems.  Valve operators shall not intrude into access ways.
Piping shall be routed clear of pumps, and overhead clearance shall be provided for pump maintenance and removal.
All suction lines shall be checked by the Mechanical/Process Engineer to approve layout and ensure the net positive suction head (NPSH) falls in the range of the pump performance curve.

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