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Posted by Antony Thomas at Friday, October 01, 2010

Steam Tracing

1.0 General Provisions

1.1 Scope:This specification covers basic requirements for

the design, materials, installation, inspection and testing of

steam tracing systems for plant piping, equipment and


1.2 Purpose:To ensure the continuity of plant operation,

certain process, service and utility pipes, equipment and

instruments will require steam tracing to keep contents of

fluids such as liquids, gases, vapors, suspensions and

slurries from freezing, condensing, crystallizing, separating

or becoming too viscous to pump.

1.3 References:One or more of the following drawings and

manufacturers’ information will supplement this specification:

a)Piping and instrument diagrams.

b)Piping orthographic drawings.
c)Piping isometrics.
d)Piping line index.

e)Product specifications, materials estimating and

installation procedures for steam tracing materials.

f)Thermal insulation specifications.

1.4 Steam Tracing Symbols and Legend:Steam tracing will

be indicated on the piping and instrument diagrams and the
piping isometrics. Lines to be heated will be shown by a
dashed line parallel to the pipe line and the appropriate legend

after the line number such as:

a)BT or BTS for steam tracing with abar e (convection)

tracer or a tracer with a safety yellow identification

jacket (Thermon Industries, Inc., SafeTrace™ BTS).

b)IT for steam tracing which is isolated from the process

pipe by a factory-applied heat retarding material for

tracing temperature-sensitive materials or for energy

conservation (Thermon’s SafeTrace™ SLS-IT or DLS-IT).

c)HTC for steam tracing with heat transfer compounds

(Thermon’s range of heat transfer materials).

All special conditions, including heat-sensitive materials, lined

or specially coated pipe or other such conditions, will be

identified on the drawings and schedules.

NOTE:Throughout this specification all references to

steam-traced piping is meant to imply all steam-traced
piping, fittings, valves, pumps, tanks, vessels, instruments,
instrument lines and any other materials or equipment

requiring steam tracers




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