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Vibration Control of Piping Systems

Posted by Antony Thomas at Sunday, March 07, 2010

Pipework dampers are frequently used for the protection of piping systems and
other components in power plants and industrial facilities. GERB pipework dampers
are highly effective visco-elastic elements, well proven in numerous installations.

Practical experience in power plants shows that the reliability and life expectancy of piping systems are largely determined by their dynamic characteristics and behavior.Dynamic loads are experienced during normal, continuous operation and during abnormal, potentially disastrous situations.

Hydrodynamic forces and pressure pulses,i.e. due to abrupt opening or closing of valves, cause vibrations of piping and aggregates,as do connected pumps, compressors,or turbines. In addition, external excitations caused, for example, by disastrous events like earthquakes may be transmitted to the piping through the support structure.In all cases the resulting pipe deflection scan be excessive and permissible loads may be exceeded.

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When investigating the use of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) pipe in the chemical, petrochemical, marine,
and other industries, several decisions have to be made early on in the design of the piping system. These
include the pipe fabrication technique (filament winding vs hand-lay up, for example), the method of installation
(flanged pipe vs plain end pipe, and field-fabricated vs shop-fabricated spools), and the joining system
(adhesive-bonded vs butt and strap, for example), to name a few.
The engineering that must be performed in the design stage of the project is critical to all future phases of the
project. Engineering services include design calculations, piping stress analyses, piping support drawings,
piping orthographic drawings, piping isometrics, and shop fabrication spool drawings. Each type of service
offers different information to different parties. Engineering information is of value to designers, draftsmen,
project engineers, purchasing agents, mechanical contractors, manufacturers, and subcontractors. Each party
requires different types of engineering services depending upon his role in the project. This report will give a
description of each type of the various engineering services available and where these services are typically

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Piping Design and Analysis

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• define piping layout directly in the

built-in, Windows-native spreadsheet

• draw the piping system using

built-in modeling tools

• open a CAD universal file and

then modify the geometry

• open files from other piping

software packages

• displays deflected shapes,

forces and moments, mode

shapes, support reactions and

stress contours including code

stress, principal stress, longitudinal

stress and hoop stress

• displays deflection and modal

analysis result animations

• built-in checking of all results for

ASME and ANSI code compliance

Analysis Capabilities
• Linear static stress analysis
• Natural frequency (modal)
• Response spectrum (single and multiple)
• Frequency response
• Time history
• Supports industry-standard piping codes
including revisions through:
- ASME B31.1-2001 Power Piping
- ASME B31.3b-2002 Process Piping
- ASME B31.4a-2002 Pipeline
Transportation Systems for Liquid
Hydrocarbons and Other Liquids
- ASME B31.8a-2000 Gas Transmission
and Distribution Piping Systems
- ASME Section III Division 1 - Subsection
NC Class 2 Components (2002)
- ASME Section III Division 1 - Subsection
ND Class 3 Components (2002)
- British Standard BS 806 (1993)
- European Standard EN 13480-3:2002
• "In-line" analysis of flanges, reducers and
rotating equipment
• Built-in nozzle flexibility calculations




Posted by Antony Thomas at Saturday, March 06, 2010

Distillation Process
Distillation Column Means To :-
1) Process Department
2) Mechanical Department
3) Piping Department
Types Of Distillation Columns
1) Absorption & Stripping
2) Fractionation
Distillation Column Piping Study

This is Analysis and Study are from Motttt MacDonalld Consullttantts Indiia Ltd

Stress Group. And it is published here for the benefit of the Pipers and Engineers.



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